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Florida Mitigation Group, LLC, is a professional disaster recovery company that provide the best quality services in the market, offering residential services to our clients. We are known to pay exquisite attention to detail, whether a hurricane or a tropical storm a street flooding or busted water line or an overflowing toilet, emergency water extraction is needed to preserve structure or belonging. It’s important to remember that water extraction time is on the essence. F.M.G. LLC., availability 24/7/365, a plan to restore your property upon arrival, before the 30 minutes, also, our technicians are licensed for mold removal, mold remediation and the Lab test for toxic materials. We have cleanup crew ready to restore the affected areas in not time.

– Free Inspection
– Recovery Service- Water Removal
– Restoration and Mold removal
– Recovery Service- Fire or Smoke Damage
– Indoor Air Quality Testing

If your property gets affected by leaks water damage, fire, smoke damage or mold, the best answer to all your problems will be F.M.G. the group of qualified license, certified technician that will take care of your property

Water Damage

If you have water damage
When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. Florida Mitigation Group respond immediately and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly. We closely monitor and documented the drying process to verify that your property is been dry thoroughly properly.
Water can hide behind walls, under flooring or in your HVAC system and vents. After the water leak is repaired, we bring the most advanced professional equipment, fans, dehumidifiers, water removal pump, and air scrubber. This combination of advanced equipment is the solution to remove all the humidity and the moisture in your property, the number one key is: the sooner we dry the better, this response have to be fast and effective to avoid secondary damage, mold can be much more traumatic.

Mold or Mildew

If your home has water damage and you´ve noticed symptoms of mold, we´ll work to dry it out quickly, so the mold grows no further. MOLD, can be hard to get rid of and can be harmful to your health. MOLD, growth negatively impact your indoor quality. Our company use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meter to find the best spot to test. Our inspector collects air/surface samples to determine what species of mold are present in the air. If there is a problem, the expert inspectors will find it and identify the source. When it comes to mold , testing is the only method that can get you the answers you need.
We will provide you a step by step protocol to get your indoor environment back to normal.

– Recent water damage
– Visible mold growth
– Feeling sick
– Strange smells
– Real estate transaction

Mold assessment means a process by a licensed mold assessment technician, that includes the physical sampling and detailed evaluation of data obtained from a building history and inspection to formulate an initial about the origin, identity, location and extend, the samples taken from those test are taken to the proper laboratory, after, the results are analyzed a proper protocol is in order.

Post Remediation Verification ( PRV ), is an air testing useful to show that the job site has not been left contaminated as a result of mold remediation work. PRV air testing should always be done, but in addition , you must check that the job site has been left clean of settled dust, because mold can be in the settled dust but not in the air.

Fire Damage

Fires can be specially devastating to your home or business. After the fire brigade truck leaves, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. FMG, have specialized fire and water damage restoration training and
experience to quickly clean up and save what is not damage.
Fire damage can leave homeowner and other property owners with the burden of facing extremely difficult and complex decisions. Issues related to property damage of items such as dry wall, flooring, insulation, HVAC systems and other interior finishes are just some of the many concerns one should have when dealing with fire and smoke claims. Property owners are also faced with the delicate and emotional toll that damage to personal property such as cloths, furniture, electronics and items of sentimental value can take on one whose house just burned. Displacement of one´s home in many cases is the biggest loss to someone dealing with a fire damage and smoke damage claim. Navigating an understanding the process of a fire claim will be overwhelming, the assistance of an experience and qualified public adjuster can prove to be essential to the policyholder.

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